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MWIR 320x256,30㎛ MWIR 640x512,15㎛ LWIR 320x256,30㎛ (QWIP)
MWIR 320x240,30㎛

Overview of Product

Cooled IR Detector (MWIR, 320x256, 30㎛) is a key component of thermal imaging camera for detection at day and night. It is successfully developed by excellent collaboration of DAPA(Defense Acquisition Program Administration), ADD (Agency for Defense Development), DTaQ (Defense Agency for Technology and Quality) and i3system in order to have our own technology of Cooled IR Detector for Korean military. The FPA (Focal Plane Array) chip is the key element of the infrared detector and it enabled various different equipments for field applications.


Cooled IR Detector(MWIR 320x256, 30㎛) has NETD of below 0.02℃, 6 minutes cooling time and suitable for various types for thermal imaging equipments. InSb (Indium Antimonide) is used to get excellent, uniform and stable image qualities.


  • Array Format: 320x256
  • Pixel pitch: 30㎛
  • Material: InSb(Indium Antimonide)
  • Wavelength: 3~5 ㎛ (Midwave Infrared)
  • NETD: below 0.02℃
  • Operability: Over 99.5% (Typical. over 99.8%)
  • No. of channel: 1 or 4 channel
  • Readout mode: ITR (Integration Then Read)
  • Cooling time: within 6 minutes (0.5W stirling cooler)
  • Standard: MIL-STD-810


  • Thermal observation device
  • Gunner Primary Sight in Tank and armoured vehicle
  • Day and night observation device
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