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LWIR 384x288,25 (Bolometer) LWIR Uncooled Core Module (iE320)
LWIR 384x288,25 (u-Bolometer)

Overview of Product

Uncooled infrared detector has 384x288 format, pixel pitch of 25 and NETD below 0.05. It is developed considering high durability and high anti-shock environments.


Uncooled infrared detector(384x288, 25) is developed for various types of thermal imagers where low weight ad price is required. Micro bolometer technology is used. Especially, robust design is applied to our uncooled detector in order to have high immunity for shock environments.


  • Array Format: 384x288
  • Pixel pitch: 25
  • Wavelength: 8~14 (Longwave Infrared)
  • NETD: below 0.05 (F/1, 30Hz)
  • Operability: Over 99%
  • Standard: MIL-STD-810


  • Thermal observation device
  • Thermal instrument
  • Hand Camera
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