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Cooled IR Detector Uncooled IR Detector Thermal detector for satellite  
- Infrared sensor and detector for satellite
Operate in Thermal Camera system in Naro science satellite (STSAT-2C) & acquired image

Business field

Infrared detector is one of the key components of thermal imaging satellite. I3system developed QM(Qualification Model) level IR detector which has format of 2400x16, pixel pitch of 20§­ and sensitivity of 20mK. I3system is now ready to provide FM (Flight Model) level IR detector for thermal imaging satellites. Recently, thermal imaging detector of i3system has successfully launched in STSAT-2C through KSLV-1 program on Jan. 2013. It is being operated successfully on orbit owing to our space qualified technologies of IR detector.

Major projects

  • MWIR, 2400x16, 20um Detector
  • MWIR, 320x256, 30um Detector - operated in STSAT-2C


Surveillance and Reconnaissance satellite (orbital satellite or geostationary satellite)
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