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Real-time simulator Multifunctional Stereo Camera for Satellite  

Real-time simulator


Infrared projector

Business field

Infrared Scene Projector and Injector (IRSP/IRSI). IRSP projects accurate, realistic and dynamic IR scenes into the entrance aperture of the IR detector being tested. It is used to simulate the operating environment of various systems, including imaging infrared missile seekers, search and track systems and thermal imagers.

Using it for hardware-in-the-loop simulation has reduced the scope and cost of flight/field testing, while enabling a new level of sensor optimization. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation enables the generation of synthetic IR imaginary for laboratory evaluation of high-performance electro-optical systems. The IRSP projects MWIR(3~5§­) and can be used for various infrared detector testing. In the mean time, IRSI simulate the optics and detector of thermal imager and inject electronic signal of digital image to the signal processing circuit board in real-time base.

Major projects

IRSI is that compensates on Frame Latency of the entire system, and realizes MTF through Spatial Convolution using Kernel, and realizes the feature of each pixel in infrared detector (Offset, Dead Pixel, Linearity, Dynamic Range, Non-uniformity), realizes the function of AGC (Auto Gain Control ) and UUT interface.

IRSP is projection device with the infrared images of 3~5§­ wavelength band in real time. If change the projection optical system, it is possible to test any IR system in middle wavelength band(3 ~ 5§­)


It is possible to be applied to infrared equipment and infrared projection from image synchronization, still image to video.
If manufacturing as portable device, it is able to use of production step of infrared detector, infrared equipment for testing, and HWIL simulation. In addition, the infrared equipment of performance in field-installed utilized for verification.
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