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Overview of Product

i3system’s line scanning X-ray detector platform, XID-C15DP/XID-C24DC, is a high performance and cost effective solution for dental panoramic, cephalometric applications. i3system’s direct type sensor ensures the most sharp images among the current products in the market. XID series is designed for compact size and easy installation. High DQE(Direct Quant㎛ Efficiency) enables high performance at lower dose of X-ray.

Digital Panoramic X-ray Sensor


Indirect type X-ray detector uses the scintillator and the photo-diode(CCD or CMOS sensor) for conversion of the X-ray into the light and for taking images espectively. But the light scatters and goes extinct during it passes through the scintillator and reaches to the CCD or CMOS sensor. As a result, it is inevitable to get blurred image.

In the mean time, XID C15DP, direct type detector, converts X-rays into electronic signals directly without conversion process of light. Because X-ray is not converted into light, it provides much sharper images than indirect type detector.

XID C15DP is designed to compact for easy installation. It provides Gigabit Ethernet port on the detector for easy configuration. Instead of Gigabit Ethernet, camera link or optical interface can be provided according to requirements of users.


Medical/Dental X-ray imaging device / Scientific X-ray imaging / Non-distructive Test(NDT)


Conversion Type Direct Conversion
Detector Technology RTSD-based CMOS
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Pixel Pitch 100㎛ × 100㎛
MTF Up to 80% @ 2.5LP/mm
Dynamic Range ≥ 72dB
DQE (70kV, 0lp/mm) ≥ 0.8


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